What is Water Polo?

For this project, I gave a taste of the sport of water polo and its many noises using actual sound effects from footage of me playing. I chose to record and talk about water polo because it’s a sport I love and many people know very little about it, let alone how the game works. Since water polo is a contact sport played in a pool, sometimes players are halfway under water.  Despite this, players have to be good communicators and listeners to work well as a team. I play goalie, the position who is in charge of communicating with the defense. In the recording, you can hear me calling out where the ball is, calling the defense, and encouraging my teammates. I used audacity to record and edit this project. All the sound effects were from a film that my father had of me playing in high school and college. I also used some royalty free music from Bensound.com, which has loads of quality royalty free music. This was the first project I have ever done where only audio is recorded. I think Audacity is a good site and both Teresa’s in class tutorials and the many Youtube tutorials were very helpful.

2 thoughts on “What is Water Polo?

  1. Kristen Chunn

    I really enjoyed how you used audio from a video of you playing water polo! I thought it was a super creative idea that you were able to use! I found the video to be pretty informative since I haven’t heard about water polo before! Nice job on blending those audio clips together!

  2. Aubrey Crossley

    You gave a great description of water polo, shows true passion.
    this is such a competitive sport too, your right communication is key throughout the entire game. the sound effects of the whistle and the couch shouting at the team and the crowd cheering was a good touch!


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