P4 Grimms fairytale: The Water-Nix

My original idea for this project was to read an exert from a book project that is currently in the works, I went as far as to even record and fully edit all of the sounds in but upon listening to it one last time, it didn’t really sit very well with me. I found it lacking in creativity and sounds that made you feel the story. so the day the project was due I completely canned my idea and pulled out my book of Grimm fairy tales and thumbed through the pages in search of a story which called to me and i eventually stumbled upon one that i had never even heard of called the Water-Nix, the tale was short and rather interesting so I decided I would use this one for my project.

the process of this project was rather fun, even though I struggled in the beginning i still learned a lot from it. id dabbled in video and picture editing a lot in the past but I’ve never tried anything to do with recording or editing audio. I really enjoyed adding the sound effects and music over my reading, after I was completely finished I compared the audio of just my voice to the audio of the story with all the sounds and it blew my mind how much adding effects to a story can improve it.

overall I feel like I came out of this project with a decent set of skill I didn’t have before I’ll definitely want to explore more things to do with audio in the future, as well as giving me a set of skills this project also furthered a little bit of my understanding of audio in film and I feel like I can use that in my film career.

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