A very radical Thanksgiving

For this project I wanted to create something fun, something light and something personal! I think this was my first real taste of filming and editing! and boy oh boy do I have so much to learn still.

In this video is my brother and our dogs. We go on a lot of adventures together and I thought thanksgiving would be the perfect way to capture a day in the life of. Our entire family lives in Florida so it’s just us. My brother agreed to be in the video if I took him to the skate park. I of course obliged but decided to benefit from him being at the skatepark and got some cool shots.

I added one of my favorite songs by Mac Demarco and added a film reel onto another layer in premier and lowered the opacity. For me this video was a blast to edit even though I spent more hours than I should have nitpicking every little detail! I love capturing authentic moments and beautiful scenery. This is what I want to do eventually. Travel the world and capture moments like this!

For the location we went to Newport one of my favorite areas on the coast. I love Newport because you have amazing seafood, beautiful beaches with virtually no people on them and a gorgeous lighthouse that has such unique scenery to shoot. It’s important for me to capture places like this so other people can appreciate this beauty as well. I believe this creates a ripple effect of people wanting to conserve natural areas!

All in all i’m fairly satisfied with the video but I definitely need to start investing in equipment like a gimbal and start incorporating audio into my videos because thats what intimidates me the most! Something that really bothered me about the film I had was that I really didn’t think to get many close ups which is definitely a big no no for a videographer! Ah well, it’s all apart of the learning experience, right? Oh and something I had a huge problem with is uploading this video. It took over 8 hours. Yeah, crazy right? I have no idea what the problem is or how to fix it. Maybe it’s how I export the video? Any help on this would be much appreciated! Thanks for tuning in guys and I hope you enjoyed my video!

27 thoughts on “A very radical Thanksgiving

  1. Greyson Yant

    Stellar video! Your footage, music and sequence editing made for a really cohesive theme throughout the piece. I really enjoyed the matched footage of the dogs running and the reversed skating footage.

    Excited to see what you’ll do with access to more equipment!


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