An end to the start of a journey

My concept was to explore how nearby colors interact and have their appearance modified through light and shadow. I began exploring this concept for my digital photography final, but I felt a video would better capture some of the details and elements.

I acquired 16 colors of card-stock. I planned to cut and shape it into various simple geometric layers or 3d forms. Each would be repeated in every color so I wanted an easy to replicate pattern. Another goal of the pattern was to generate surfaces and structures for light to interact with. This was a part of the project I had to continually trim as I wanted to go in a lot of directions with it but would have ended up spending too much time making models and not enough time taking photos or video.

I really like how this “voided cubic” form ended up. Only a few cuts and folds needed!

The other concept I wanted to explore in the video was how light in many ways resembles how we acquire and impart knowledge. Returning to school this term kept that “illuminating” concept a constant thought.

Illuminate – to explain and show more clearly something difficult to understand

Cambridge English Dictionary

I again ended up scaling back and trimming another thing from the project that may have led me further on a wild goose chase. Plus it was just a really difficult concept to try to get across in one small video.

Studio Workspace – Working at a small scale meant I could keep the project setup and jump into it whenever I found time in between work and other studies.

As I worked with my imagery and compiled it into a sequence, I started exploring more shots, trying to figure out how they might fit in or be compatible with a final project. Steadily becoming more scatter-brained my output began to resemble my internal state. I took this chaotic energy of overlapping ideas and infused it into the project.

The resulting mishmash of imagery may result in a meditative state where the sensory portions of the brain are stimulated without any concrete concept or narrative solidifying in the conscious mind. 

Kind of like dozing off in a dull class! Which I’m happy to say was not the case for any of the studies my first term in the Multimedia Arts program. I’m excited for what Winter Term will bring!

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