P6 Final Project: The Life Of Zoey

The Life Of Zoey is a short movie about my dog, Zoey, and the things she does on a daily basis. Zoey is a very happy dog so you will see many photos of her smiling. She enjoys playing games, eating peanut butter, and sleeping. Zoey is a very unique dog with a ton of personality so I thought it would be fun to make my final project about her.

 I had a lot of fun creating this project because it allowed me the time to go home to see my parents and spend quality time with my dog.I haven’t had the time to go see my parents and my dog since the beginning of fall term. This project was my favorite because I really enjoyed taking pictures of Zoey’s beautiful smile and I know that she loved spending time with me as well. We played fetch and hide and go seek together, while she did a really good job of listening to my directions.

 Originally my dad was going to allow me to use his Nikon camera to film my project, but it wasn’t allowing me to take photos on it. After getting a new battery and still not being able to figure out the camera’s issues, I decided to use my phone. I used my phone to film my P5 project and I had many issues uploading photos into Premiere Pro. I didn’t want to use my phone because I was trying to avoid the issues that I have previously dealt with. This time I had no issues uploading my photos into Premiere Pro. I had some issues with the format of my videos, but I quickly resolved them. Overall I had a lot of fun filming and editing this project. Zoey cooperated very well with everything I needed her to do.I kept a jar of dog treats with me the whole time I filmed, which definitely helped. Creating “The Life Of Zoey” was my favorite project of the term because I know my friends and family will be excited to see it as well.