time just flies

The title of this post is simultaneously just keeping with my theme of using song lyrics every time, and also a very, very true statement. When I embarked on this project, I mapped out all the time I’d spend working on it and making sure it was as good as possible, and then promptly forgot a bunch of those times and ended up crunching to get this done over the past couple of days. Considering all that, I’m actually pretty happy with how this turned out! My actors were all amazing, and I’m super proud of the audio. The visuals themselves, uh… well, let’s just say I’ve never actually done an animatic before, and certainly nothing of this length! It was a fun challenge, and honestly I’d like to do this again and get more practice with it. I think having the deadline for class was ultimately a good motivator, even if the end product isn’t nearly as polished as I’d usually like for things I have to post online.

But, anyway, enough preamble! Please enjoy this scene from that audio drama I’m working on!!

…Okay, have you watched it? Wanna see some behind-the-scenes stuff now?

Here are some early sketches of Kim and the… something weird she runs into. In my head the alien’s always been more like a lemur, but whenever I tried to draw it like that, it never turned out quite right, so for this project I aimed more toward cats, ’cause I’m more well-versed in drawing those quickly.

I wish I had time to throw together a blooper reel from the audio recording session we had- I have a file that is four straight minutes of my girlfriend screeching into the mic, punctuated by muffled laughter from us in the other room, and it’s just golden. She also did an excellent job trying out different voices for the alien, even if I did ultimately just end up doing the regular speaking voice for clarity. And my other voice actors were amazing as well!! The voice of Kim’s friend at the end (their actual name is Garth, but Kim just calls them G) was a friend I’ve had for years now, and I’m pretty sure this was her first time voice acting, and I’m so so proud of her. Everyone was so patient with me, even when I had them retake things they’d already done perfectly “just in case!!!!”

Writing for this also really helped me get some new perspectives for the entirety of my project! I won’t include details (spoilers :3c) but this was just very, very fun, and I’m glad I was ultimately able to pull it together.

Thanks for all the fun times, y’all!!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go catch up on some sleep.


One thought on “time just flies

  1. Greyson Yant

    Your animation was well cut to the audio and really sold the story. The drawings were really beautiful and consistent between shots. If there was one thing I may suggest, it’d be to heighten the contrast just a bit between the characters and background. Not enough to break the nighttime ambience, but to help the imagery come across on dim displays or for people with poor vision. The character development looked really solid and I could picture them taking in part in more adventures beyond what we see in your sequence.

    Excited to see what’s next!

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