F19-P6 Final Project-Dream

For this assignment I learned a lot. At first I came up with an idea for the video. I wrote it down. One of the problems I had was the weather. The weather did not help at all. I wanted to have two actors in my video but unfortunately due to the weather it didn’t happen. I couldn’t shoot my video for several days. There were days when I wanted to shoot my video, but if it wasn’t cloudy, it was raining so I had to reschedule it for another day. The actors I wanted to work with did not want to go out due to the weather. Than I asked one of my friends to be in my video. I knew his schedule and I knew he was available the day I wanted to shoot my video. I had to make some changes in the script. This is the second video I’ve ever made and it’s the the first time that I directed. Since I had to make changes in the script I had to look for different locations. I took a lot of video to have a lot to choose from. For the video I used a Sony HDR-CX405. The quality is not the best, but it gets the work done. I shot my first video with the same video camera. In this assignment I learned how the weather plays a big role when shooting a video or taking photos outdoors. I learned I should be prepared to come up with a plan B if the plan A fails. To edit my video I used Premiere and it’s my first time using it. I learned to take out the original sound of the video and replace it with sound effects. I learned how to change the color of the background and more. I had fun shooting my video. I know I could have done a better job, but I’m happy with my work.

One thought on “F19-P6 Final Project-Dream

  1. Greyson Yant

    Holy cow, if you hadn’t stated in the blog I’d not have guessed this was a 2nd video ever.

    I really enjoyed how you talked about waiting for the right weather to capture the shots you wanted. It worked really well to enhance the dreamscape. The audio and timing of cuts between shots worked really well to build tension and energy throughout the sequences.

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