My 5 Favorite Pop Records

This project was definitely a long process for me. I have never used Premiere Pro prior to this assignment, so this was a new experience for me. I worked very hard on this project and dealt with many technical issues. My photos were not uploading properly when I used my camera, so I decided to use my phone. After a few days of the new photos still not uploading into Premiere, I finally had gotten some of the photos to upload. I then worked very hard on the audio of this project, just for it not to upload. I recorded part of the artists songs on my records and then added the audio to the slide show pictures. I originally wanted to add a video of the song playing on the record, but that would’ve made the video to long. Uploading to youtube was probably the longest process of this whole project. It took hours and it finally uploaded, but the audio was left out of it.This really frustrated me because the audio was the best part of the video.Overall I think was a really fun assignment. I just had never used to program before and I really didn’t know what I was doing. It took me a lot longer than I anticipated because nothing wanted to upload properly and because I had to re-take to photos on my iphone to get them to upload on my Mac. I hope the next time I use Premiere Pro I don’t have so many technical issues because I really did enjoy the whole concept of making my own movie. I am still wondering why my photos didn’t upload into Premiere. When I added the Youtube URL it originally didn’t want to embed in the blog either. Basically every step of this project I have had some sort of problem or “Error”, which I’ve seen so many time trying to upload. I’m just happy that I completed the project so I don’t have to stress about it anymore. I really hope that I get the hang of Premiere Pro because it is a good program, I just had to many problems with it in this project. The audio isn’t in the video, which really upsets me because that was the best part. I don’t know why it took the audio out when I uploaded it to Youtube, but it unfortunately did. This is my project, it definitely could be better, but this is the best I could do. I hope you enjoy!

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