P5, 5 Animals from the Shelter

I pondered what I would do for this project for a full 2 days before lightening struck me! I thought this would be the perfect way to put shelter animals on display and get the message out there to adopt from your local rescue/shelter! Come to find out in Eugene there’s only one public animal shelter you can go and view animals. I had anticipated walking into the shelter and having the sounds of dogs barking overwhelm me but was instead greeted by silence. I was informed that a majority of the dogs had been adopted and there was only 3 left! This was excellent news but also gave me little content for my story. I decided to make due with a handful of cute cuddly kitties because cats need love just as much as dogs.

I edited this project in premier and referenced youtube quite a bit. The deeper I get into these programs the more I realize I don’t know anything! There’s so much editing to be learned and while I was okay with my final video there’s definitely room for improvement.

2 thoughts on “P5, 5 Animals from the Shelter

  1. Kaitlynn

    I love that we both did really cute animal videos. This one is wonderful because it about adopting animals and I think you should ask Green hill if they need a promotional video from you.


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