I unfortunately was a bit busy for this project and didn’t really get the chance to do what I wanted to do for the video originally. I wanted film five lovely scenes with a bmw e36, I was going to have my friend drive my car and take some rolling videos of the car in different sceneries and angles. I still had fun taking my final take of the video though, I chose to find five of my favorite spots around lane and incorporated it to the video. I filmed it on my iPhone an hour and a half before it was due and didn’t get it turned in on time ( a classic mistake) but it gave me a bit more time to edit it how I wanted! I chose to give it an 8bit look because the footage by itself after color grading didn’t look to great, so I felt a little old school video game feel might make it look cool. The music is a beat I made a while ago and I felt it matched the video decently, I would’ve liked to make another tune but it would’ve just slowed me down more. I had a lot of fun editing this on after effects and I hope to make videos similar to this later on. The scenery I chose reminds me of something you see in Blade Runner 2049. Im a big fan of these spots and can’t really pinpoint why they just have a cool futuristic feel.


  1. Greyson Yant

    This was a great video! Your work blending the effects, pixelation, and music together into a cohesive theme turned out very well.

    Your video really put these familiar places into a new perspective.

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