Lupin’s Big Score

For this assignment, I chose to use action figures as my subjects. A couple of years ago, I discovered a thing called toy photography while surfing through Instagram. People were creating scenes with action figures and taking photos to be viewed online. As a hobby, I am a huge collector of action figures. I collect many kinds from anime, wrestling, star wars, comics, and the list goes on from their. And seeing stuff like this gave me the idea to do something with the many figures that I own.

I had a scene mapped out in my head where I would use action figures from the 1960’s Batman show along with anime characters from Lupin the 3rd, Lupin and Fujiko. The story is set where Lupin and Fujiko look around the corner and see Batman capturing Joker and Riddler. They notice that the batmobile is unattended. So they wink at each other, sneak over and steal it right from under Batman’s nose.

I wanted to shoot this scene in the city where I would have actual building corners to set up my subjects as well as having pavement for the Batmobile to ride on. So I went downtown and shot this near a store I normally go to.

My goal was to apply what I learned in Visual Literacy and make a good sequence of shots. The most difficult one was where Lupin was jumping into the car. I thought that adding the credits roll was cool. That’s where I added the names of the real life actors who portrayed the roles of these characters. The cool thing about action figures is that even though the real actors are gone, you can basically use toys with their likenesses however you want and add them into whatever universe you desire.

Another cool thing I added in the end was a tribute to Adam West. I thought the project turned out pretty well and I hope everyone enjoyed seeing it come to life.

2 thoughts on “Lupin’s Big Score

  1. Kaitlynn

    This was super creative! I could see this becoming a stop motion video if you went a little bit further.

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