5 of The Things I Like to Do

I really enjoyed this project, even though was kinda my first time editing images and videos. I always wanted to do something like this before. I didn’t have enough time, I struggled with the internet a lot. But this is what I was able to come up with. I didn’t know what topic to choose, but finally I decided to make my video of five things I like to do during my free time. There’s is a lot more but It’s only five, so I choose these fun things. I spent my weekend going to different places and filming.

Taking those pictures and videos was the most fun part, I really enjoyed it. Since I learned how to drive a manual cars, now I only wanna drive manuals, not for long drives though because it’s more complicated and your legs get easily tired. Even though wasn’t easy to learn. My brother and friends taught me. I like the feeling and sound they make when you switch gears, I get so hyped. Or you can do better things with a manual than an automatic. I love driving manual cars. Then I went to the beach with my friend Edman, he helped me to be the person on the videos and pictures. He doesn’t really like to show his face so I tried not to film his face. He wanted some privacy. I said before on one of my blogs that I love soccer so much, so during summer I always take my soccer ball with me to the beach. They say that “practicing next to the beach, on the sand, is very helpful to get better with your skills in soccer” So I think that’s something I should believe and I do that every time I go to the beach with my family. There’s a lot more things I like yo do when I go to the beach But I only choose two. I think writing and drawing on the sand is so satisfying, so I made Edman write whatever he wanted while I was filming him. The hiking one was with another friend. He loves to go to a mountain that it is very tall and very far. So I told him if he wanted to go and he said of course. He drove us to the place and then we walked a lot. He likes to take pictures of himself so he didn’t mind me taking a picture of him even though it was super cold. Finally something that I think everyone needs we just sometimes don’t have time for, is sleeping. I like taking naps after classes, but it doesn’t really happen. Sometimes I stay up late doing homework or sometimes I just go to bed late, so that’s why sometimes I always look tired. But I’m glad I have done this project, it was fun, I had a great time doing it, It was just like I was on an adventure. Putting all together took me a little long but I did it. Enjoy!