5 Emotions of a Veteran

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For my image editing project I decided to do something around veterans because of the Veterans weekend. I chose the the Five Emotions of a Veteran to showcase what many veterans deal with certain emotions. Emotions tend to be tossed out of the equation to either cope with loss or to just not to show weakness. I took up this short video project to share a lightside to the idea that the veterans are tough as nails and have no time for “weak” emotions. The video also was for myself to ease up and make fun of that side of me. I may not speak for other Veterans but I know that this lack in human emotions extends to those that have gone to war. In this video you get just that angry face that is the most familiar face that expands to all emotions in the military. Looking from the outside in, Vets can seem very intense without trying to and it is not intentional at all at times. At times? Okay most of the time, but it is not directed to the person. On a serious note, deep down inside of us there is an ongoing physical and mental war that keeps many of us on our feet. And I sure as hell know that vets are not the only ones. Those struggles give us that warrior face which can give us this angry edge that is showcased in the video. This project was a pleasure to make.

Making the 5 Emotions of a Veteran was a fun project. The idea came to me as the Veterans Appreciation Week at Lane was coming up. Took some few discussions with my girlfriend to actually hammer down an idea. Once I got my idea outlined, I texted Aaron Williams to star in my video. Like myself, Aaron is an Army Veteran that I felt was the right guy for the job. I then set us up to do some recording at the Robert Maxwell Vet Center on campus. I used my Canon Rebel T6 to record the bit. Took no longer than 30 minutes film. I had my girlfriend assist which made it easier. Once done, I paid my actor with food and mead for his help. To edit my video, I solely used Premiere Pro. I did a ton of chopping and made adjustments to the video. The editing is possibly my most favorite part in this project (besides having mead with Aaron). I added music from Kevin Macleod off of Incompetech and an image from Pixabay. The only problem I had in the whole process of editing was trying to work with my  Premiere Pro project on campus. I had forgotten that I was using the latest 2020 edition of Premiere Pro and so I had to just finish my project at my home studio. All and all, It all worked out and now hoping it proves to be enjoyable to the viewer.

2 thoughts on “5 Emotions of a Veteran

  1. John Kneisler

    Hey Roberto,

    I really laughed when the soldier sucked his tear right back up, that was great! I thought your whole idea was courageous to do. Its not easy putting it out there like that… Feelings. But I bet that was part of the enjoyment in the end. Great job on the video!

  2. Brian McCalla

    Nice job man. As a fellow vet, I can totally relate. Not just for myself, but for others I’ve known. But don’t forget that the military can also make you a cynical smart-ace with a heart of gold.

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