Puppy Play

Going it to this project I had no clue what I was going to do. This led me to brainstorm ideas with some classmates and one of them suggested five dog tricks (Thank you, Jocelyn). I thought this was a perfect idea because I know a dog that can do tricks! I also thought it would be fun to make an adorable video. I loved the experience of filming. It was fun to figure out what shots I wanted, as well as how I wanted to display them. I did a small storyboard of how I wanted the shots to look and planned it out pretty well. When it came to filming, due to time constraints I had to do a lot of my shots on the spot. Doing some things on the spot was fun and spontaneous and I think that making a storyboard helped but Iā€™m happy I kept the process fluid. The puppy I worked with was also super cute. I loved the editing part of the project too. The best part about editing was finding music that would match the cuteness of the puppy. A challenge I had was trying to find the shots I wanted and piecing them together to make the video flow. I wanted the style my video to be similar to a home video and I think I was successful in that. It was also hard trying to find a way for my niece to be in the video. She desperately wanted to be in it. I decided this could be a good chance for her to practice her counting by counting how many tricks there were. The worst part about this project was wanting it to be longer than two minutes. The best part of this project was playing with the puppy!

2 thoughts on “Puppy Play

  1. Audrey

    I particularly enjoyed your choice of music for this, and it did not detract from the audio. Camera angles were very nice, such as the shot down the broom stick.

  2. John Kneisler

    Hey Kaitlyn,
    I love your video! It makes me smile every time. I love when the dog gets shot. Great job on filming and editing, and your music was perfect for the content.

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