I decided to learn about multimedia because I found a lot of interesting avenues in this career field. I do not have any background in media at all other than I love movies and photography. Every since I was a kid I loved movies. One of my favorite movies as a kid was the “Back to the Future” trilogy. Growing up I have watched the evolution of special effects and graphics in movies evolve into what we have today. From Avengers to Transformers I love special effects.

I found a blog post I found that was very useful and entertaining called Rocketstock. It is a website with several different categories in the video editing, animation and special effects area along with video game editing.

I just found a blog about creating storyboards using unique photography angles called “How you can give your shots reason and motivation” By Robbie Janney. I found this article especially interesting because I have an  assignment due for another class about creating a storyboard. 

The Rocketstock website offers I site on all the new technology that people are using for after effects. I just found an article about Red Giants vfx suite for after effects in video gaming. It looks amazing and from what they say it simplifies the process in creating the after effects your looking for from shadows on chromatic displacement.

I do not have a lot of knowledge in the film industry but I find it very interesting that is why I decided to learn more about it. I feel this website offers a lot of knowledge for beginners and advanced alike. One of my favorite things about this site is that there are blogs and tutorial videos that cover a wide range of different categories. For someone like me who is just learning about what’s out there this is a great site to see many different avenues in the film and photography industry. 

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