iPad art, design, and inspiration

Liz Kohler Brown 

Ipad art, design, tutorials and inspiration

This site is about Ipad art and designing. I chose this site because I think it looks very interesting and artistic.I also think that it’s very fascinating because Liz, the creator of the blog, teaches classes step by step so you can learn how she creates this Ipad art. The art is used for various things such as posters, mugs, and websites. I think that this site is very well produced because of its quality of artistic designs and because of how well organized it is. A good resource from Liz’s site is her classes. She teaches “how to” classes for people who are just getting started with Ipad art. She teaches everything from getting started with designing Ipad art, to teaching how to create geometric figures, and much more. She provides clear and detailed information about her art and how to create it. Liz keeps her blog very well organized and even has a “where should I start” link in case you’re feeling overwhelmed. She has all the resources, including multiple links for all the digital tools that you’ll need to create Ipad art. Liz makes it clear in her blog that she wants to be able to share her art work in order to inspire others. 

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