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Art is something that I always liked to do since I was little. I enjoy drawing, taking pictures, videos, audio and everything about Art. This blog, Europeana Blog, is interesting because it talks about Pablo Picasso from Europe, an artist that made so much money with his drawings. This link is one of his drawings that’s worth so much money. It was worth $104 million in 2004. He drew it in 1905. I think this could be interesting to anyone that likes art.

In this blog there are also some good resources like the Europeana. With this link you can search for anything about European History. There’s art, fashion, photography, sports, personal stories etc.

I think this site is very well produced because it contains just the main idea about the blog but it also has sources that take you to the whole story and other cool paintings. This quality is very good because the author just took the most interesting things that would get the audience’s attention, just like it got mine; like the painting  “The Boy with the Pipe“. You can just click on it if you want to see more about it. If he had provided a site that was 10 pages long we would get bored, so he did a great job by citing sources to click on, if you are interested.

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  1. D.S.H.Z

    I really enjoy your blog choice, I am a big fan of Pablo Picasso, I grew up around a lot of his work as well as Frida Kahlo and Diego rivera since they were famous latin artists. I am a big fan of European history as wells don’t know too much but I learned some cool history about vintage European sports cars during my time in Vintage auto restoration. Thanks for sharing the great info!



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