My blog search (Joe McNally).

I chose to go with Joe McNally’s blog he is a photographer that uses a lot of great lighting with his work. At the moment I am in a lighting class and can appreciate the amount of time and effort that it takes to put these pictures together.

I really enjoy this site because it gives you options on different angles and types of imaging such as Shades of Difference and Direction, and Sunrise in the Forest. Both of these branch off sites are good examples of great lighting. I think it’s really cool how they take the real picture and also take pictures of the light guy, the camera guy, or the director. I just shows how technical a photo shoot can be.

What I want to do is to be able to show how lighting can be used under water. most people use video to convey the under water experience, and it’s not that great of lighting, do to the water being silty and full of plankton. Normally it shows a green tent and will drown out the full color.

It will definitely be a challenge to set up the proper lighting while scuba diving but I like to do hard things and have a lot of good ideas. I’m currently working on a project in my pool at home. when it’s complete I’ll share it here.

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