Digital Photography School

If you’re interested in learning photography check out this blog.

I chose this blog because I’m taking a digital photography class and I like to take pictures but I don’t know anything really about photography. I’m really excited about what I’m learning in my class and would like to know more to be able to take better pictures for my projects. There is a photography for beginners page which is super helpful. They have tips for absolute beginners like me and also tips for advanced beginners. It also teaches you about specific photography topics such as landscapes, portraits, composition and post production. It also gives you tips on which camera gear to buy and reviews on different lenses, cameras, ect. They also walk you through understanding your cameras settings and how to use them. They do weekly photography challenges you can try and share to their Facebook group. They have 258 pages of articles on different photography tips and a search bar in the top right corner where you can search for the specific topic you’re looking for. So if you want to find more articles about lighting, just type lighting in and a ton of articles will pop up. They also have different online photography courses you can purchase for all different levels. And helpful ebooks you can also download.

4 thoughts on “Digital Photography School

  1. Brian McCalla

    This is very informative. I took Digital Photography two years ago and it was challenging. I made it through and did some cool stuff but something like this would have helped a lot. Great blog choice and good luck.


  2. John Kneisler

    Hey Jane,

    Good find ! As you may have noticed, I’m a beginner photographer as well, and can use all the tips I can find.



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