Take a little tour with me…

Lets take a little tour around campus shall we? Check out some places below.

The Equipment checkout where students can get items to help with their school work/projects.
The studio with the Blue Cyc Wall. Pretty awesome if you ask me.
Center for student engagement was pretty busy with people (Free popcorn, duh) So here is the sign!
I was told this was a main art gallery on campus… I wasn’t sure but here is a nice view of the Gallery!
Not even kidding… I thought this was an older cigarette machine. This would be the Art-O-Mat. Interesting,
Unfortunately the Reference table wasn’t okay with their picture being taken. So “Here’s your sign” – Bill Engvall
Enjoy this little cutie outside the Health and Wellness building.
Cas’s Office
The ATC… Yet another location who didn’t want their picture taken. Sad day.
Judy Gates office… I didn’t get to meet her because shes gone for the week but its good to know where she is.
Teresa’s Office. Loving the little figurines.
The Students First Building.
As for my creative shot… This beautiful little “Miniature Mushroom Garden” up in the library by the reference desk is adorable.

Well, that does it for our little tour. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. John Kneisler

    Hey Kyler,
    Glad to see you were able to get your post to be visible. Seems like many people are having trouble with that.

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