A Lane Campus Tour

This was closed when I took this picture. The Equipment checkout counter where Media Arts students checkout gear – bldg 18

The Studio with the “Blue Cyc Wall”. Sounds pretty cool, but I don’t even know why it’s there. – bldg 18

I didn’t know they had free popcorn in here until I went to take this picture. Center for Student Engagement in the Center building
The main Art Gallery on campus – bldg 11
I don’t know what they use this for but it looks pretty cool. The Art-O-Mat
One afternoon in the library, I actually lost my phone in here and I still can’t find it.
This large silver sculpture that sits outside of the Health & Wellness building looks pretty cool when the sun is on it.

This was an afternoon and there was nobody in this building when I walked in so I was happy taking pictures. The Arts division Office Specialists – Building 11
When I asked to take this picture the person working inside said it was okay but then she closed the door.
When I took this picture my friend put his peace sign hands there. Judy Gates’s office bldg-11
Teresa’s office seems like a scary room because of her toys. – bldg 18
This room looks pretty cool but why are there so many flags there? Its in the first building.
While leaving campus, a turkey came up to me and I took a picture of him.

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