A Lane Campus Tour

This is the student check out desk where we can get equipment for awesome creativity.
Found the blue Cyc wall and I’m not quite sure what its used for yet but it think its for custom backgrounds.
This is the center for student engagement.
This is the art gallery. I haven’t had time look at it yet but it is on my to do list.
This reminds me of the old vending machines where you could buy cigarettes.
Found the library on the second floor of the center building.
Not sure what this is but I’m interested in the round disk in the middle on the ground.
Art division office specialist
Student help desk
Judy Gates office. Her note says she is out of the office. She is super helpful and I’m grateful for her help with getting my classes sorted out.
This is our teachers office.
This one of my favorite things I have found so far. For some reason I keep wondering how they got the flags up there!
This was my creative shot. I feel like there is not enough attention brought to the people that keep this place going. Thank you for a job well done!

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