“Searching for an inspiring blog”

By Krizia W.



  • I chose this site because it is very up-to-date. I found a lot of blogs that showed up on the first few pages of Google, but it had been a year or more since the last post. I’m sure those blogs have very good content, but I prefer to read something current so I have the ability to comment on a page that isn’t outdated and hopefully make connections with like-minded designers! This blog is mostly designers showing their images/screenshots of websites/package design/etc. There isn’t too much writing other than a short description of the work, but in the world of design, the image speaks clearly enough! This is a very clean, professional, colorful, well-made site! I like that the designs are generally modern and colorful- which is right up my alley.
  • Besides “ALL”, these are the specific categories you can look through, which makes the site very well organized-
     -Product Design
     -Web Design
  • RESOURCES- They provide a link to MeetUp for meetups in your area, which is very cool! This feature was at the top of the navigation page and it was very easy to find.

This was a very cool posting to see! This designer showed not only the polished, finished product, but also showed the rough sketch that started the whole design! This was very inspiring to see and made the idea of creating an elaborate design more approachable!


6 thoughts on ““Searching for an inspiring blog”

  1. Alexandre Wirrick-Coad

    I like the format of the website/blog and how easy it is to move around the space looking for new and cool posts. The organization of the website/blog is also very impressive, giving the reader/viewer ease of access when it comes to looking for things. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kyler Beneke

    This website is super inviting with all the bright colors! I really like the layout and all the exciting inspiration it offers

  3. digitmgmsa

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