Lcc Trek.

I unfortunately didn’t have my DSLR with me for the scavenger hunt photos, I decided id use my phone with pinch of spice to make the images a bit better, I checked out a sense kit that you attach to your phone. I used a ultra wide lens and 2x telephoto lens which is one of my favorites to mess around with.

Fine steel? aluminum? sliding curtains at the checkout counter, Building 18.

Blue wall floor texture.
The Center For Student Engagement
In dramatic fashion.
A beautiful exhibition set up in the main gallery in building 11. Unfortunately the phone lenses didn’t seem to focus well in certain parts of the shop making it look blurry and unfocused.
The Art-O-Mat
I walked around campus with the impression I was looking for the Art-O-Mart due to a classic mistake of reading through the instructions too quick. I asked many people around campus about it and after what felt like an hour some fine lad pointed me to the right direction.
Le Fungi
I was intrigued when I saw this structure , its awesome to see what people can fabricate with metal, it gave me a nostalgic feeling to when I was being trained in metal fabrication by a really talented fabricator he makes fabrication art and this reminded me of something he might make.
Ingrams Plants? I would’ve liked to take something more creative but its the way she went.

The student help desk >. ┬──┬ ¯\_(ツ) It looks like I may have forgotten to take this image.

Judy’s beautiful window decor.

A beautiful cinema camera in a underwater case in Teresas office. I would’ve liked to frame the image a tad better.
Flags in center building.
I tried to center the Ethiopian flag, I have never been but I have a spot in my heart for Ethiopia. My dad played a lot of underground Reggae music from there and a verity of other artists have had major influence from there, including the mighty Bob Marley. Emperor Haile Selassie I’s visit to Jamaica in April 1966 fuelled the influence of the Rastafarian movement in Ethiopia, paving the way for the development of Roots Reggae. Further, during his visit, the emperor encouraged Rastafarians to repatriate to Ethiopia. Heeding the call, more than 2000 Rastafarian immigrants from Jamaica gradually arrived in Ethiopia. In the song ‘Exodus’, Marley sang: “Exodus, movement of Jah People!  We know where we are from. We are leaving Babylon, we going to our Fatherland”. A central theme in Marley’s songs was indeed the repatriation of black people to Zion, which in his view was Ethiopia, or more generally, Africa

For my creative shot I explored underneath building 18.
What I love about LCC is the usage of concrete and nature. It reminds me a lot of I think what they call Lo-Fi art or 80s type utopian anime. There is something peaceful to me about concrete architecture that incorporates nature, as well as the type of art it reminds me of, it seems futuristic but yet so familiar.

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  1. Kyler Beneke

    Your perspective on photos is great. I like seeing the work you do. I love the close ups and everything you did with the phone lenses. I cant wait to see what else you come up with


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