A Lane Campus Tour

By Brian McCalla

Lane’s campus has a lot to offer when it comes to sight-seeing. The buildings can be like mazes to travel through but the art that’s outside is incredible to look at. From the sculptures to the murals on the sides of the buildings. The art made at Lane gives it a distinct and creative personality that can grab people’s attention.

Here is the Media Arts Equipment Checkout counter where you can rent out media equipment that you need for class.

This is the Blue Cyc Wall used for digital art and photography.
The Center for Student Engagement in the Center Building offers help for students as well as free popcorn. Yum.
Here we have the Main Art Gallery on campus where students showcase their artwork.
The Art-O-Mat is the funky machine in the Art Gallery that sits outside the Art’s Division Specialist’s offices.
The Reference counter inside the Library is a good resource for books you need to find.
This is the larger beautiful sculpture outside of the Health and Wellness department.
Here we have Cas, one of the Arts Division specialists, in her office, hard at work.
The Student Help Desk is the best place to go for students seeking technical help.
Judy Gates is the adviser for the Media Arts department. She’s a very nice lady.
Teresa Hughes is an instructor here at Lane as well as the Co-Op manager for the Media Arts division.
The Students First building is welcome to all people from around the world. Promoting an environment of ethnic unity.
Here’s a creative photo I made using toy photography. And yes, that is The Rock as a Ghostbuster.

I hope you have enjoyed this small tour. Feel free to discover Lane’s campus to see for yourself.

2 thoughts on “A Lane Campus Tour

  1. Alexandre Wirrick-Coad

    Great lighting, detail, and compositon of your photos. Every photo for some reason makes me feel really small or incredibly big, and I really enjoy that. Thanks for showing us your LCC guide/walk.

  2. Greyson Yant

    Hi Brian,

    I really enjoyed the framing you used for most of your shots. I felt like they put me in the middle of each location.

    And The Rock as a Ghostbuster, that’s pretty rad.


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