A Lane Campus Tour

The Equipment checkout counter where Media Arts students checkout gear
The Equipment checkout

My first photo of the Equipment Checkout wasn’t hard for me to find at all because I used to work there as a tutor and a checkout person. The person in the photo is my friend Chloe and she works there now as their graphic design artist. She is very knowledgeable about the adobe programs so if you ever need help she is the one to ask. 

The Studio with the “Blue Cyc Wall”
“Blue Cyc Wall”

I decided to take a picture of the Blue Cyc Wall this way because sometimes when I space out and stare at it I get lost in the blueness and imagine that I’m just floating in an empty blue space. I know that seems strange but it can be very relaxing when taking stressful classes in that room. 

Center for Student Engagement

I have never actually been in this place in all the years I’ve been at lane community college. so it was nice to see a new cute place where you can get free popcorn. 

The main Art Gallery on campus
Art Gallery

This particular art piece struck me. The moment I walked into the art gallery it was the first thing I saw. I loved how the light shined on it and how the bronze color made it stand out from everything else in the room.

The Art-O-Mat
The Art-O-Mat

I like how the knobs looked so I wanted to exaggerate them in my photo. I also made them black and white because The Art-O-Mat kind of reminds me of the 50s style.


For this one, I just wanted to show that I found the Library so I took a cool picture of some books. It was also funny having people stare at while I was taking pictures too. 

  1. The large silver sculpture that sits outside of the Health & Wellness building
Wizard Of OZ

I liked this sculpture because of how the light made the green tiles shine like emeralds against the silver of the sculpture. It was almost like something out of Wizard of Oz. 

Ingram or Cas's office
Cas’s office

I went to Cas’s office for this one because I knew she had a cool picture of an owl. It was funny because when she saw me with my camera she instantly knew I was there for the scavenger hunt. 

SHeD (Student Help Desk) in the Center building
Student Help Desk

The people at the help desk seemed very nice and they have a super cool 3D printer. However, they did not want their picture taken so I just took a picture of their sign. 

Judy Gates’s office. She is an advisor for Media Arts
Judy Gates’s office

Judy was in a serious meeting so I just took a picture of her door. She works very hard at her job. 

Teresa’s office
Teresa’s Monsters

I love the monsters in Teresa’s office! They are so cute. The ones I took pictures of are my favorite because I think the colors look awesome, three eyes are better than none, and they look like they should be in an animated band.

The flags or other “identifier” inside of The Students First building
The flags inside of The Students First building

I liked taking this picture because the sun was hitting the flags just right to make them look beautiful. 

A creative shot of my choosing

This little baby caterpillar hitched a ride on my shoulder while I was taking a picture of the wizard of oz sculpture. It made it halfway back to my class before I noticed it was on my shoulder. 

4 thoughts on “A Lane Campus Tour

  1. John Kneisler

    Hey Kaitlynn,
    I really liked your unique angles on your photos. I was happy to see our little friend made the final cut!

  2. Alexandre Wirrick-Coad

    I really enjoy the Depth of Fieldwork used in all of your photos. I believe that also having a lot of closeup shots really differentiates you from other photographers and I like it a lot, keep doing it! The fluffy caterpillar as your creative shot made my day as well. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kyler Beneke

    I Love the photos you got here! They really catch my eye. The caterpillar is probably my favorite, just sayin.

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