Scavenger Hunt

This is the equipment checkout station, I tried different angles but this one seemed best to me.

In building 18 there is a room with a blue wall. I took this picture on top of a ladder standing in the corner of the room.

Teresa’s office. In the corner of her office I saw this, and I really enjoyed it. It’s a great way of decorating.

In building 11the Glass room is a nice cozy corner. I really liked the lighting in this photo and it’s one of my favorites.

In this photo I took a picture of Amanda Mogensen taking a picture of the The Art-O-M

Judy Gates’s office, There was nobody around so I snapped a shot of her coffee maker.

Center for Student Engagement in the Center building. I like free popcorn. so I thought this would be the best picture.

SHeD (Student Help Desk) in the Center building. I like the lighting bolt.

The Reference counter in the Library, also mushrooms.

The Students First building. I like flags, and this angle.

silver sculpture. It’s cool but not my favorite.

I feel Like washing windows is pretty “Creative” I had never seen it done before.

Ingram or Cas’s office. I had to reach high to take this shot, because the lower halve of the window was stained glass.