Media Arts Campus Resources: on Camera

On Week Two of MUL 101, I was assigned a scavenger hunt…

Camera in hand, I set off, excited to learn more about campus!

In Building 18, I was greeted by the friendly crew at the Equipment Checkout counter. I snapped this photo, and didn’t realize until later that two of them were having lots of fun with silly faces!

Then I headed to the Blue Cyc Wall, which has a fascinating network of lights and rigging above it.

This next photo is of the Center for Student Engagement, from which often comes the delicious wafting smell of buttery popcorn….

Having never been in Building 11 before, I enjoyed looking around its art galleries.

When I first walked into Building 11, I completed overlooked a small vintage vending machine off to the side. Turns out, it was the Art-O-Mat!

One thing I love about librarians is that they know everything. After taking this picture in the Center Building’s library, I got a question answered by this kind lady.

Despite the fact that the day was overcast and drizzling, the billowing clouds and colorful trees still set a beautiful background for the silver sculpture in front of the Health and Wellness Building.

Here is Ingram’s office in Building 11!

When I visited the SHeD Help Desk, I noticed they had a 3-D printer, so I decided to include it (and some of its creations) in the picture!

….and this is Judy Gates, my Academic Advisor!

Back in Building 18 is Teresa’s office; I love the way the high window illuminates the room.

Building 1 is a unique place, with rows of colorful flags hanging from the curved ceiling. I photographed my favorite part of the flag display.

In front of the Center Building near a sloping walkway is a metal board with hundreds of engraved names posted on it. A few years ago, my older sister pointed out the name of someone who used to teach here at LCC : Rod Metzger. He is a special family friend, and I grew up riding his horses.

– And that concludes my scavenger hunt! –

By: Kailey Slocum

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