My Lane Campus Tour Experience (Wirrick-Coad)

Picture 1: The lovely equipment checkout was sadly closed as I went to take pictures of it after 2:00 P.M
They mysterious studio withe the blue cyc wall inside. Just to the left of the equipment checkout! What’s it for? We can only imagine.
The center for student engagement. Funny enough, they were closed but had left the door unlocked, so I went in and took my pictures then was promptly told to leave.
This is the statue in the main art gallery. I wanted to capture the emotions on the statue’s face and I think I’ve captured it well. It actually reminds me of Doctor Who.
The wonderful Art-o-Mat, I didn’t have any cash on me to get anything. Hopefully, I’ll have some money next time I pass it.
The reference counter. People were sitting there and didn’t want to be photographed, so sadly I just took a picture of the words and some glass.
The silver sculpture. I really enjoy the lighting that I got from this balcony across the way. I think my photo shows a lot more of the area and has some neat colors.
I believe this to be Cas’s office but I don’t know for sure. I do know that it was a treat to take a photo of the room and I think the colors turned out great.
This is my picture of the ATC (before it was switched to the SHeD) (Student Help Desk) in the assignment. I didn’t go in because people were working hard and I didn’t want to bug them.
This is Judy Gates’s office! She is really wonderful and allowed me to take multiple pictures to get just the right one.
This is our wonderful teacher’s office. She had just closed the door on me to head to class, so I decided to take this picture and follow her to the classroom.
These are the flags in the Student’s first building. I love all the diversity of flags that we have out here at LCC, not only does it make a pretty picture, it’s very welcoming to all.
This would be my “creative shot”. I really wanted to do a black and white architecture piece and find the perfect setup for the sun to come through the trees and the steps to be slightly lit. I think the photo is incredibly cool looking and has some sort of relaxed vibe to it.