The Thrill Of The Hunt

My idea with this project was creating environmental ambiance with a story the was up to the viewer’s interpretation. I really liked the idea of only using 5 video clips and trying to make a meaningful message with completely unrelated clips. Everything i used was free and was put together using premiere. When looking for clips to use seeing foggy landscapes and animals really grabbed my attention. The music was free loops that seemed to fit together, so i did some light mixing and automation to make this creepy but relaxing ambient sound. The message is left to interpretation, but to me it means “letting yourself be possessed by the energies around you”, let me elaborate. Do you ever get this feeling that you are making the right decisions to reach a goal? That you don’t need to think real hard about something because you “feel” it? Instinct is what this is typically referred to, but that’s not very descriptive. I Always feel like i’m on fire when i feel my instincts kicking in, it’s such a rush that it helps me with so many things in life and keeps my mind in shape. What stands out to you when you start feeling this thrill? Are you in love with the hunt as much as me? Creating something that makes the viewer feel anything might not sound hard, but your audience really matters, but since this is video is up to your interpretation i want to know what you felt if anything at all. What could i have done to make this feeling clear? Not everyone likes the thrill of the hunt, but it what keeps me making those juicy decisions to reach my goal in life.

1 thought on “The Thrill Of The Hunt

  1. Alex Garcia

    I liked the concept that you went about and choosing these 5 random clips. And I said it before already but the music was in my opinion what really put this together to give it a creepy vibe. Good job on that, I was waiting for a jump scare throughout the whole thing.


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