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I chose this site because I’m interested in game design.I found the interviews on it very helpful and interesting. the site also has instructions and examples on times of game design. This site offers plenty of good resources such as video tutorials, podcasts with private interviews, and my personal favorite the writings that shows how to’s or examples. The organization of the site is very clean and laid out really well. All the information it gives is definitely done on a professional level, and it clearly states everything it’s trying to say. You can tell the guy running the blog cares about it and wants to show his knowledge. You can read on his about page that he has a lot of experience being that he’s work for multiple gaming companies and designed large titles such as Spore, Civ 3, and Dragon Age.

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  1. Dalton W Trim

    It was a really neat blog to discover and i have found some really awesome information on this site! thanks for sharing!


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