Great Free or Paid Resource

Today I’m bringing y’all a nice resource I use when I need idea’s or help with a design. Chris Spooner is a Graphic Designer based in the UK with an awesome blog. His Blog is Spoon Graphics and is jam packed with information. He has free tutorials on Photoshop and Illustrator ranging from cutting hair away too creating your own syfy phaser. The tutorials are simple to understand with step by step pictures and descriptions. I’ve noticed that there are some repeats, so if you don’t get the first post you stumble onto, you can find an older one that maybe easier to understand. Another plus is all the free brushes, textures, vectors, and occasionally presets. He also has a member subscription where you gain access to 700 Vectors, 100 Mockups, 400 Textures, 900 Icons, 300 Brushes, 7 Fonts, 300 Actions, and 100 Source Files. Since I’ve downloaded his free subscriber bundle, with a mix of a 100 files from each category above, I can say his file organization is near perfect. It’d be perfect if it was labeled exactly how I need it for the work I’m doing. His content is high quality and holds up in print. With his skills it wouldn’t surprise me if the website was built from the up.