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Beady Little Eyes (

My interest in multimedia grew out of my
experience with live theatre, and my lifelong interest in puppetry.  My aim is to create multidisciplinary narratives
that combine puppetry, live actors, film, and other media.

I love how this one site offers so many opportunities to expand one’s knowledge of, and even participation in, the full spectrum of puppet arts, from information about:
An international collaboration between puppeteers and performers from Teatr Figur Krakow (Krakow, Poland), Sandglass Theater (Vermont, US), and Portland locals Summer Olsson and Katie McClenahan; inspired by the Polish Avant Garde art movement, 1914-1939. Information about how to apply for The Jim Henson Foundation’s Residency at the Eugene O’neil Theatre Center; And how to get involved in an upcoming Puppet Slam!

I was excited to discover The Beady Little Eyes blog during the assigned blog search, as it appears to be a one stop spot to find resources for such performances, as well as like minded performers. This well produced and engaging blog makes good on it’s goal “to collect, curate and share puppetry to adoring audiences in Oregon and beyond”  It offers an engaging and thorough listing of the full spectrum of puppet happening, on the West Coast, and Nation wide; as well as information on continuing education, opportunities to audition, collaborate and network with other professional in the field.

2 thoughts on “Blog Review: Beady Little Eyes

  1. Dom Moulton

    From someone that has never seen a live puppet show, this blog was very interesting to see the amount of work and process that goes into a show! The artistry that goes into the puppets and sets is incredible and resembles that of a play or stop-motion movie.

  2. Nameste Lattin

    Woah. I liked puppets before, but now i am thinking to myself “why are we not using more puppets in film today?'” I feel the use puppets doesn’t have much of a limit, but it just require a lot of will power to stick with a creatively demanding field of work/hobby.

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