Becoming Me.

I have been into media production my whole life and aim to a lead director of a video game development company or have my own company that both develops and produces video games. I plan to climb my way through that field though animation, art design, and narrative writing. I have an insanely strong imagination, so much that i can easily get lost in thought because i basically change all of my surroundings in my head. I used to struggle with focusing because, but i have taught myself to let my thoughts and Shapes (images) flow through me and not hold onto anything that comes into my mind for too long. I chose to take Multimedia design because i knew i could learn multiple skills to help my bring those ideas that my imagination fabricates into reality. I also like making music within an program called Ableton 10, it’s a has lots of tools and effects i can use and also i can download software and purchase physical MIDI equipment online. I started using Ableton ever since a friend of mine introduced me to his method and process when creating music with samples and a keyboard, i have just fell in love with it ever since.

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