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The blog I found is a resource for aspiring and current journalists providing various articles about the do’s and don’ts of journalism in the media today.

This blog features many resources that journalists today should follow, usually in terms of good and bad examples that have been published in the media. They publish articles dealing with various topics such as ethics, fact-checking, resources for finding jobs and many more that are constantly being updated.

Example of Fact-Checking articles:

With the many issues that professionals and consumers have with the news media today, this blog is very well thought out and produced to a higher standard than most news sites since they are trying to educate people about the profession rather than to entertain or inform.

In addition, Poynter also features job opportunities across the country and training events for students and those trying to improve their skills in specific fields of journalism.

Poynter also posts articles that are taking different approaches to articles and covering the news that would intrigue anyone from photographers to aspiring news anchors and broadcasters. Many of the news stories come from many different sources but are targeted for a more national audience making this blog site ideal for any journalist or people simply trying to get better national news selection.

Different approaches:


Job Opportunities:

By Dom Moulton

2 thoughts on “Blog Search: Poynter

  1. Jacob Adams

    I haven’t worked much within the journalism world but if I did, this would be a very useful resource. It shows a large variety of journalistic works.

  2. Nameste Lattin

    Wow this looks like a great tool, i’m not much of a journalist myself , but this is such a good resource iam surprised i haven’t heard of in before.

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