Resources for Media Arts Students: A Scavenger Hunt!

1. Equipment Checkout Desk

Equipment Checkout desk for students to checkout various tools such as cameras and microphones. Be aware that they have limited supply and hours of operation!

2. Studio in Building 18

Photo Lighting Studio in Building 18. A class was in session and I was unable to photograph the studio with the Blue Cyc Wall. I found this studio classroom fascinating!

3. Center for Student Engagement

Students and Faculty enjoying some delicious popcorn in the Center for Student Engagement. Located on the 2nd floor of the Center Building across from the Library.

4. Main Art Gallery

Art Gallery at Lane Community College. Taken from a corner view. The reflections shown from the glass and wall gave the whole piece a new dynamic that I loved!

5. Art-O-Mat

Very creative idea for an art piece. I’m huge fan of vintage style art especially one as well done and restored as this piece.

6. Reference Desk

Reference Desk located in the Library (Center Building).

7. Silver Statue

Silver statue located outside the Health & Wellness Center. Fantastic modern approach to this area of campus.

8. Cas’ Office

Cas giving a natural pose in her well decorated office! It was great meeting her and everyone in Building 10.

9. Media Creation Lab

Media Creation Lab located in the Library. A lot of room and resources to complete assignments or work with a group!

10. Judy’s Office

Judy Gates working hard for her students! Always willing to help Media Art students get the help and resources they need.

11. Teresa’s Office

Teresa Hughes’ office and her band of creatures. Always watching even when she isn’t here!

12. Student First Building

Beautiful display of the many flags in the Student First Building. Can you name all of these great nations?

13. Creative Shot

My personal favorite sculpture on campus. I think it speaks a lot for what LCC offers it’s students with a wonderful backdrop!

4 thoughts on “Resources for Media Arts Students: A Scavenger Hunt!

  1. Alex Garcia

    I really liked your shot of the main art gallery and the way you took it, it looks very colorful. I also like the last shot also, it reminds me of my first time coming to Lane. This and the silver sculpture.

  2. Daegan Cornelius

    Love the creative angles of your photos, and I find it clever that you had a video for your construction shot.

    1. Daegan Cornelius

      Okay I commented this on the wrong post, but I was going to reply to this anyway so I guess it worked out. Your shots are really clean and angled really well. I like the pose you got Cas to do as well.

  3. Saul Foster

    You killed this project. You have perfect format of display on your blog page. You photos are correct size and you give a great description and caption. Thank You!

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