Things I’ve Learned Second


This video was probably the hardest one for this class. The last video, I had a specific topic to focus on, but this one, I was all on my own. I had a few ideas at the beginning, but my mind would go blank once I started thinking what resources I could use. My original idea was to make a video about “Things I’ve Learned Backwards”, but I didn’t like how it had a bad sounding connotation to it. As I was falling asleep that night, the thought of “Things I’ve Learned Second” came to me. It was sort of like saying “backwards” but in a different way. Afterwards, it got easier. The whole video I taped, recorded, and edited. Luckily, I had a wonderful sister who worked with me through thick and thin and offered to act as my look-alike and I certainly used her to do all the dangerous stunts for me (especially the bike part!).

It was hard to fit all of my thoughts and ideas into a 3-minute video. Because once I had all of my resources together, I just started cramming media into my project nonstop. In the end, my video was 6 minutes long. I had to cut, copy, paste, and rearrange a lot of things. It finally went down to 3 minutes. The editing part was really frustrating for me. There was so much to do, and so little time. I would work on a part of it, and then without any warning, the video would jump back and my whole timeline and soundtracks would be messed up. I then had to start over and realign everything back to the way it was. It happened at least 7 times. The day before it was due, I stayed up until 1:02 in the morning, trying to get the program I was using to behave with me. I did what I could for as long as I could, and then when I couldn’t take another step, I did the next best thing, I backed up and gave it a rest. I exported what I had, went to bed tired, exhausted, and worn out. 6 hours later, I checked it one last time before dragging it onto my drive. My video didn’t export the media correctly and then all hell broke lose on my computer. My whole video crashed and I had to use every bit of strength and grit in me to crank it out one last time. I was sweating and panicking through the whole process. I finally got it exported correctly, and crossed my fingers that it would play back correctly. To my relief it did…finally!

Overall, I enjoyed the project. I like things that challenge me but not to my limit. Especially when it’s due 3 hours later. I was so close to calling it quits but then before I thought about giving up, I thought about why I held on for so long. It was difficult waiting for the right idea and time to come, but I think regretting something I didn’t get done would have been a lot more difficult. Also, my family always falls in love with a stubborn heart who won’t give up, not matter what.



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