Adopting a Dog.


My husky and I first crossed paths back in November of 2015. When I saw him laying in a cage among eight other huskies that were howling and crying while chewing on their cages, he was laying there not making a sound and just staring at me. When I asked about his story a lady named Victoria told me all about the Goliath Mountain Rescue (GMR) initiative.

GMR specifically houses Huskies, German Shepards, and Malamutes. These beautiful dogs are often given up because of their size and how high maintenance they can be.

The dog I was looking at had a tag ‘Collin’ but he wouldn’t respond to it, Victoria told me Collin was found as a stray in Los Angeles. when they found him he was aggressive and would try to escape from every enclosure.

When I looked at him through his cage I cant explain how it felt, but I knew it was very likely I would be taking him home. When I took him on a walk just around the Petsmart we were at, I fell in love.

through three years I have never felt so attached to something. I changed his name to Bolt and he actually responds to it  now. Adopting Bolt has changed my life for the better; though at times he absolutely drives me crazy, he also is by my side through the darkest of times.

I made this video to try and capture the feeling of helping the truly helpless. my actor was one of my best friends from my childhood and at times i felt like Bolt was easier to work with than him because I’m just not the director type and we constantly were goofing off. plus, laughing didn’t help with the shaking of the camera.

That brings me to the largest problem I ran into with this video, the shaky camera. I rented a GoPro Hero from LCC and was warned, but this was my first time ever using a GoPro. the worst part was that you had no clue how good a shot was until you attached it to a computer. Most of what I had filmed was absolutely terrible!

The Southern Oregon Humane society is not where I originally got Bolt but is the animal shelter in my home town of Medford Oregon. The Faculty was not allowed to let me take Bolt past the front desk so another problem occurred but was easily fixed in editing.

Thanks  to a lot of help from Kyle Whitaker and Chris Ortloff I was able to work through my shaky camera issues. The actual production was actually far easier simply because I became familiar with Premier. Adding transitions, trimming footage and creating a time lapse was actually kind of fun. I am pretty satisfied with my finished product and think my understanding of video editing has greatly improved.

3 thoughts on “Adopting a Dog.

  1. HL

    Hi David,
    Thank heavens for Kyle and Chris who could help with the shaky camera! Seems like all three of you get along well. Glad you had fun with the editing part after all of the filming was done which sounded difficult. Your video turned out great!

  2. Johnny Bruton

    This was very cute. The camera may have been shaky but the angles you shot from were pretty great and your transitions were very smooth. I agree, pets can be life changing best friends. Nice choice on a subject and well executed.

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