F18-P6:The Rogue Cat Burglar


For my Final, I didn’t actually know what I wanted to do until I was given the idea to use what I had done for my audio project by a fellow classmate. As soon as the idea was thrown at me, the creative juices got flowing and I instantly knew exactly what I wanted to do!

Spare’s return!

For this project, I took the audio from my audio project and essentially created an animatic to go with it. My audio project was a narration from an event that happened to my Dnd character, Spare. Not only did we hear what Spare did, but now we can actually see him in action.

I knew right away because I was doing an animatic, that I could NOT procrastinate. I spent several hours drawing thumbnails and creating a very very rough storyboard before I could even start drawing the frames. At one point during the beginning, I got disheartened because of how many layers one little clip had (110 to be exact) and began to second guess myself. I knew I had a very strict timeline I needed to follow and there was a point where I didn’t think I’d get it done in time without sacrificing hours of sleep. Surprisingly, I was better at time managing myself then I thought. I was able to finish the animation and sync it to the audio with no problems.

I learned from doing this project the amount of work animators have to do to create a moving picture. It made me really think about if it’s a career I want to pursue. I found throughout the process the feeling of satisfaction and glee at seeing the scenes animate once I was done with a scene.  Overall it was a very tiring and time constraining experience, but I found I did enjoy doing it. Mostly because I was creating an animation about one of my own characters, that I think made it the most enjoyable. I was able to see them come to life, and I think that was the best and most rewarding experience for this project.

Thanks for watching, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


4 thoughts on “F18-P6:The Rogue Cat Burglar

  1. Colin Gruener

    Sorry, I accidentally hit post there…I didn’t mean for my comment to be that small!

    Anyway, it’s amazing how much work has to be put in just to create a simple animation! You did an excellent job at making the visuals and animations go together with the audio you already had. I especially like the expressions that your character has. You did a great job illustrating the scenes and the character. Combined with your audio narration, it was a very fun story, especially at that tense moment toward the end! Animation is something I’d like to check out sometime, but it always seemed so daunting to me! You did an excellent job at handling such a difficult task. Overall, great job with this video!!

  2. Emily Williams

    Wow! I really like how your voice and the music don’t clash, but flow very well together. Good Job 🙂

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