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This blog, My Modern Met was almost exactly what I was on the lookout for. I wanted a blog that didn’t look to flashy or crazy. I was looking for something that looked simple and clean, yet professional at the same time. I stumbled upon this blog and my mind instantly went, “That’s mine.” I started exploring the blog and it had more than I bargained for! One thing I was counting on was Photography. Photography was the one expectation I wanted, and this blog had more than photography. The cool thing is it’s not just articles that talk about a certain specific thing, it also has amazing beautiful photography that go along and add more meaning than just the text itself. I think it would be a good site to explore because it covers so many topics. It has topics on architecture to crafts, crafts to technology, technology to science beyond the universe, and so much more. It has articles on almost everything you can think of. You name it, there’s probably has a topic related to it. It even offers online classes that teach about different kinds of arts. I always feel smarter after I leave the site, knowing I know more about something I didn’t know about before. For example: I found an article about how a photographer captures the scale-like patterns on a butterfly’s wings, using a specific camera lens that creates almost a “non-existent depth-of-field”. The photos of the different butterfly’s wings are absolutely gorgeous and stunning to look at. The creators of this blog did a really fantastic job of producing its information and they’re always adding and updating the blog. The quality of the information could be a little more into details and depth, but the nice thing is, the text isn’t all cut-and-dry, and the pictures that follow the text is the best part. When I was reading about the butterfly wings, I read the two paragraphs expecting more, but that was it. The photos told the ending of the article which was really nice. Pictures can tell more than a thousand words.



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  1. Johnny Bruton

    Nice blog! I really like how clean the design is and how all of the photographs are super high quality. The current feature article with the macro photos of the butterfly wings was really cool to check out!

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