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I chose to use the site “Music Industry How To” as a web resource because even though I am not a musician myself, I like the idea of creating my own website with something I’m passionate about and also being the owner of it like Shaun Letang. Others might find this website interesting because one of the projects in this class involves students working with Audacity. Music Industry How To has tips and tricks to help people start a music related project from scratch and what it’s like to work in the music industry.

One of the good examples that caught my eye was the link that said “The Best Things I’ve Done For My Music Career That You Can Replicate.” This link takes you to a page where the author Liam Duncan talks about how “for most of us, music career is a grind. It’s hard.” In his blog, Liam goes over five things he has done that really helped that “grind” become more rewarding. This resource looked very interesting and may help other folks who have a hard time looking at their career like it’s a chore and to focus more on the positive things about that career.

I think this site is very well produced. At the top of the page there are links you can click on for example, the home page and it’ll lead you to different kinds of resources where you can learn more about what it’s like to have your own music career and offers interesting ideas if you like the sound of having your own website but don’t know where to start. This website is easy to navigate around and is very intriguing to those who are into music careers.

The information in this blog is extremely helpful. There are questions and answers that I have have asked myself and the answers were right there along with other questions I haven’t thought of before, for example, I asked myself, “I wonder what guitars are new this year?” and when I went to the blog there was a link called “What Types of Guitars Are There In 2018?” I clicked on it and there were the names of the newest guitars and each on had a little description about it.

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  1. Alberto

    This site gives you good information about music equipment and I really appreciate that because it is very useful when I’d like to go back to play my guitar.

  2. Ashley Riles

    What a cool way to use your knowledge in building web and audio. I hope you can be able to follow your dreams down that path!

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