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“It seriously is re-learning how to eat and changing your expectations of what it means to be healthy. I never knew it was possible to feel this good, but now that I know it’s possible, I want to hang on to it! It is amazing!! You just gotta get there!”

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One of the most visually pleasing blogs I was fortunate enough to find: earthyandy is an online blogger based in Hawaii who posts about having a healthy lifestyle through the routine of only eating raw until 4:00. From first starting off on Instagram posting about her journey of only eating plant based foods Andrea’s account and website has grown tremendously. Now reaching one million followers on her Instagram she has expanded her blog to helping those who want live a high carb low fat vegan lifestyle through recipes, tutorials, and her own personal experiences that lead her to start this type of life. Not being shy about how she raises her two young boys Andy also lends her knowledge on how to get kids excited about eating healthy and ways to get them to eat daily meals rather than snacks randomly in the day.
I find this blog to be very helpful for those wanting to essentially have a better lifestyle when it comes to what you eat and how you treat your body. The way she organizes her website also makes it easy to navigate and find the information you want with ease through the pages and tabs she has on her home page. All the facts and information she provides as well is through both experience and medial/herbal experts – allowing the audience to be reassured that what she is saying is knowledge based and something she confidently knows.
The reason I chose this blog is because I think it represents how one can be extremely successful in the things some or even themselves consider a hobby. Andy started her instagram account just as a way to journal her new lifestyle in eating raw, not even expecting it to become the career it is now. It was just a way to write down what she was doing and be able to go back and reflect. Not many people pursue what they like in fear of failure, but Andy is proof that nothing can turn into something, and that something can turn into a success story.

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