Resources for Lane Scavenger Hunt

I went on a journey this week in order to find the best places and people to know in order to get ahead here at Lane. My first mission was to locate the Equipment Checkout, a place to get whatever devices we are going to need throughout the next few years.

Equipment Checkout

Found it! This is going to be a frequently visited spot I’m sure! Okay up next we have the studio with the “Big Cyc Wall” hmmm, there’s a door marked studio 1, wonder what’s in there…

Blue Screen

There it is, wonderful. This is where we have photography class as well. Now it’s time for the Center for Student Engagement building. Well that must be in the Center.

Student Success Center

Yup here we are, also there’s popcorn, and it’s free! Our journey should now lead us to the main art gallery, probably in the old media building I’m guessing.

Art Gallery_

Look at this cool bunny-cat-rooster, I like it! This also appears to be the gallery we were looking for…


Nice, we also found the Art-o-mat as well! Let’s check out the library now.


Rows and rows of books, it’s beautiful, a place of learning indeed. I hear there’s a media lab in here too, but first let’s go see the large sculpture outside.

Metal Structure

Look at it shining in the sun, what a cool structure.


And look we have Ingram sitting in his office, look at that pose! Back to the library we have…


Media LabThe media creation lab, there’s also one in building 18 and I’m sure there will be lots of hours typing away on these computers. Looking back towards the old Media Arts Building we have,

Program Advisor_

Judy Gates, our program advisor, working on some fun things I’m sure. Let’s find Teresa Hughs office now.

Hugh's Office_

Look at these cool figures she has in her office! I love the On Air switch as well, it cycles through a ton of different colors. We are almost done with our adventure but a few more stops first.


We have these flags located in the Students First building, a great place to go for all kinds of information about the campus and classes. Finally we turn to, arguably, the most important staple of the Lane campus, the greatest part about the college, and what we’ll be seeing most while we’re here…


The beautiful and majestic turkeys we have running all over campus. I don’t know what they’re doing here, but I think they’re absolutely wonderful. This poor little guy was probably upset that I followed it to get a picture, but it was certainly worth it in the end. Thus our journey is now complete and we have a better understanding of the campus as a whole. Thank you for accompanying me on this wonderful quest, I’m sure there will be many more to come as we continue on!




4 thoughts on “Resources for Lane Scavenger Hunt

  1. MaKayla Stumph

    Love the different angels you used for your shots. You clearly thought about what sort of shots you wanted and I think you were able to get them beautifully.

  2. Johnny Bruton

    All your photos turned out pretty fantastic! I particularly like the photos of Ingram and Judy, you did a great job at capturing what looks like genuine personality. Also, nice shot of the blue ‘cyc’ wall, and of the turkey, I like how you caught the movement of its foot.


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