The Life of Isiah

Hi everybody, firstly let me introduce myself, my name is Isiah. I stem from Northeastern Oregon in a small town called La Grande. Most of you probably haven’t heard of it because you could drive right through it without realizing you were even there. It’s one of the many rural towns in Oregon with few things to do unless you’re an outdoorsman. 

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This will be my second year in College, but first year at Lane. Originally I attended Eastern Oregon University and studied English Education. Coming out of High School I thought that teaching was my calling, but after shadowing some teachers I realized it wasn’t the right field for me. Since then I’ve taken a gap year to consider what interests me.

As I binge watched youtube videos and looked through social media profiles I became extremely intrigued with the editing that was done in the videos. This led me to wonder what the process behind it all was. I dove into seeing how professionals edited their videos and told myself I wanted to do that as well.

I decided to change my major to Multimedia design and get my foot in the door. I’ve barely taken any pictures or videos with cameras other than my phone. My hope is to let my creativity soar and find a role in videography. Admittedly I’m not sure if I’m interested in starting my own business, like my grandfather did, or working in a company. Shooting concerts, festivals and possibly music videos is what I am currently interested in and I’m stoked to give it a try this spring and summer.

Isiah Mowery

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  1. Monica Bustos

    Hi Isiah, I can relate to your personal story slightly since when I started school i originally wanted to go into the healthcare field, but in time found that I wanted to do something in art instead even though the field is very competitive. I’m also not sure what i’m going to do after college exactly, I have a lot of personal projects and ambitions and I’m hoping I can make money from them somehow. I’m very glad you chose to test out our field and I hope you continue to enjoy it and get to work together sometime.

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