F17-P5 Image Editing – Top Undefeated College Football Teams of 2017

When we were first introduced to this assignment I had a few ideas. My first one was to record myself doing five random things in a long-lived MMO called Runescape. I wanted to do this as a joke to my friends online but I never came to push myself to play the game and record footage. Instead, to keep it simpler, I decided to show the last five teams that are still undefeated in this year’s college football season. If you are around me enough you will come to notice how excited and hyped I am about not only college sports but sports in general. This year I am especially filled with hype and excitement because my favorite team, Wisconsin Badgers, are one of the five teams that are still undefeated. As a kid who grew up in Wisconsin I can never betray my home team and this year I believe they have the potential to go to the Rose Bowl. Predicting the bowl games are still risky and inaccurate at this moment but I still have a lot of hope in my team. If the Badgers make it to the Rose Bowl game you can expect to see me there. Go Badgers!!!!