Site Title 2017-11-06 11:20:29

For my project 5 Image editing I chose 5 drawing exercises as my theme. I switched themes a few times because I wanted to involve people on a trip I took over the weekend, and I’m learning I keep picking the wrong people. I thought maybe I should stick with something I like to do that I can do alone. I was also drawn to this idea because lately I have been focusing on trying to learn from mistakes and let go when it comes to my art. These drawing exercises really help me to gain accuracy in my art and I enjoy doing them so that is a plus!
I had a few troubles in the making of this, like misspelling the word “exercise” way too many times, and even after the fact not noticing I did it again until after I’d started editing. This caused the exercise shot sequence to not quite match up with the rest of the video. I also ran into and knocked over my tripod three times, and lost the charger to my camera so I was rushed to squeeze in whatever footage I could with the last bar. Using sharpie was a bit hard to accentuate the detail I have the skills to develop in the exercises but for the use of time and lighting, I enjoyed the simplicity.