F 17-P5: 5 “things” assignment

This project ended up being a real pain because of technical difficulties with cameras not working for me and such. None of my original ideas were able to work out so I hacked this together from pictures that I had saved onto my camera. I am satisfied that at the last minute I can come up with a project that works for the assignment that is due.

This video was thrown together in about an hour on premier. I like working with premier, it offers the artist a lot of tools to work with. I am at least glad that even if all other things fall apart, I can manage to pull something together for the class with the existing tools that I have available to work with.

I have used a few of my many photographs from around Eugene to do this project. The photos are of different times of day and of different weather in Eugene, from morning to night, from sun to rain to ice. It is not very impressive, but it still shows that if all else fails, a project still has hope to be completed even at the last minute. I am not very happy with it, but the deadline has been met, which is what is important.

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