Terminally Ill



In my audio file, the idea was to tell a story about a teenage boy who gets diagnosed with terminal cancer. Before he finds out, the devil approaches him disguised as a man. He introduces himself as Maurice and says that he is from the Make a Wish Foundation. Because the boy doesn’t know yet that he is terminally ill, he is rude to Maurice, then Maurice leaves. The doctor enters and tells the boy the news. His heart races and then it jumps time, into the next chapter where the boy contacts Maurice to grant his wish. Maurice manipulates the situation and takes the boy to a different realm where the boy looks like an outlaw and is arrested. They wake up in a jail cell, and the boy just wants to go home. Maurice tells the boy that in order to go back he has to recite a chant. Without questioning what they chant does, the boy willingly participates. Once again they transfer realms into hell. The boy tries to ask what is going on but Maurice turns into his real self and devours the boy.

The meaning or lesson behind the story in a really weird and underdeveloped way, is that sometimes someone will walk into you life offering to help sometimes even in your weakest moments. Despite their kind approach, if you are not careful they might turn their back on you and use you for their own benefit. I was excited for this project, but not very happy with the outcome of my work. I had help from a friend with voices, and I wished I would have directed it more and spoke up more about what I really wanted.