The Story that was Never Told

I have never done an audio recording before, so this whole experience was rather interesting. I wanted to come up with a story. I really did not know what kind of story, expect that I had wanted to play with voice fluctuations-which in my spare time, is a lot of fun. But recording my voice deliberately was a whole other can of worms. But I learned a lot.

When it came to equipment, I had hoped to experiment with the Snowball microphone from the Media Equipment checkout. But my schedule was rather conflicting, so I opted to use my laptop’s built-in mic for the first time…ever-for this kind of project. I also recorded about 90% of this audio in my room. And that is not built with any sort of acoustics whatsoever. Plus, I was facing my wall, so that sound, I think, was reverberating back into the recording. I was also a bit congested, so that only added to the outcome of the audio. The last few seconds was recorded in one of the study rooms within the library. That was fun.

So in all, the audio is not a great as I had hoped. I found myself doing a lot of retakes, one right after another, on the same track, repeating the same line. If I found a combo that I could work with, I cut and copied, moved, or recreated a new track. That was actually a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I did not give myself enough time to really play with Audacity, so most of what I did was copying, pasting, or cutting.

It was definitely a challenge when the time came for post production. I had recorded three, no, four different voices and had to align them so that, as the story flowed, the sub-voices would come into the right locations. The music was a lot of fun to play with. I learned rather quickly how to pick apart the parts I liked and wanted to use.

Overall, though the quality is not as I had hoped, I did have fun and learned a lot about audio.

Really quickly, I wanted to list the resources used:

  1. From Teresa’s music library. I used All About Us-its Royalty free.
  2. The image used in my audio file is from Photo by Anete Lūsiņaon Unsplash

I hope you enjoy the audio. Thank you!

By: Maurissa Keller

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