The Ant and the Grasshopper

For my audio project I had a hard time choosing an idea to work on and ended up doing a reading of one of Aesop’s fables. I wasn’t very familiar with a lot of them and decided on one that I could figure out how to add effects to and time with music. I decided on using two tracks that I found off of to add an implication of a tone change in the story I was reading, figuring out how to mix them together without creating a jarring change was probably what I spent the most time on when editing everything together. I used protools for this project because I was already a bit more familiar with it and learning audacity seemed a bit daunting, though I’m thinking about revisiting it later just to know how to use both platforms. I’m fairly new to audio production so everything is still a learning process for me, this project in particular was weird for me to work on because listening to the sound of my own voice played back over and over again made me super uncomfortable, but getting past that I was happy with how it turned out overall. This was my best attempt at a reading that sounded like an audio version of a children’s book.

By: Andrea Del Rio

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